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Partnership with BCRF

October 01, 2015

Partnership with BCRF

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In addition to Green Monkey Yoga, Africa Yoga Project, and in honor of breast cancer awareness month I would like to share the announcement of OHM Jewelry’s partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  This partnership touches upon a very personal and difficult time in my life.  I am happy to create a little good from that time and hopefully, this is just the beginning.
If you are interested in making a jewelry purchase or donation please check out my designed items for BCRF, 
If you would like to know more about BCRF, please check out my Survivor’s Circle partners page,
OHM Jewelry is thrilled to partner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation involving such an elite and dignified group of global leaders, researchers, and supporters in the pursuit to cure breast cancer.  For OHM Jewelry Founder, Heather Matjasic, this partnership is significant as she, like many others has experienced adversity with the disease. 
“In late 2010, I lost my two grandparents and my father. Less than three months later, someone very close to my heart was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare breast cancer that required a very strong regiment of treatment for a full year. Now in remission, this woman’s exemplification of strength, beauty and grace throughout her experience is the sole inspiration behind this partnership. Myra Biblowit, BCRF President, and her team have worked tirelessly in their efforts to become the largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide and it is an honor to partner with BCRF in the Survivor’s Circle."
Thank you in advance for your support!

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