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L I V E   L I F E   I N  C O L O R

At O.H.M. Jewelry we believe in being BOLD, being TRUE, AND living life in COLOR!  The #ALL Love Wins Collection honors all the colors that make the world go round.  Hand-crafted with materials such as Tagua Nut & harvested Acai Seeds from South America, Wood, Hand-Carved Ivory, Hand-Painted Bone Beads from India, Handmade Tassels from Rajasthan, India, Hand-painted beads from Africa, Handmade Pendants from Mykonos, Greece, Swarovski Crystals, and colorful gems, crystals and stones such as Turquoise, Jade, Coral, Jasper - adorned with ohm charms, elephant charms, evil eyes and lots of tassels, this collection will add VIBRANCY to your life!

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